Shopping and Souvenirs in Goa

It is unthinkable that you visit a place and do not pick up a souvenir. Shopping goes hand in hand with a tour experience and serves as a part of the overall joyful experience of visiting a land, interacting with people and picking up mementoes. Goa abounds in some lovely places where you can shop.

Goa with its sun-kissed beaches positively incites you to laze about under the palm fronds. If you are the active type, you won’t need much inducement to indulge in water sports. If you have had your fill of both and some good food and drinks, then you may want a siesta and, as evening falls, take a stroll to whip up your appetite. When you go for a stroll, you can visit some unique shops selling typical Goan ware or visit the popular flea markets and haggle and bargain to your heart’s content. It is the experience that counts, not what you buy.

goa shopping

goa shopping

Slip into the Oxford Arcade, a mall just like any other but one that stocks some stuff unique to Goa. It is air conditioned and helps you pass time. If you want an experience of another kind, visit the flea markets. These are interesting, selling a variety of goods. Anjuna Market is one of those must-visit places but it is there only on Wednesdays from morning 9 to 6 evenings. You have stalls offering a host of goods ranging from those practically worthless to some fancy stuff like carpets and handicrafts. Do not give in to temptation and shell out the asked for price. Bargain like you are the most tight-fisted guy in the world.

Anjuna is not the only beach flea market. If you go to Dona Paula you will come across a flea market that is more or less similar selling all kinds of trinkets, clothes, jewellery and other stuff. If you do not buy anything, at least the experience of strolling through the market is interesting. If you are lucky, there may be some rare antique on sale in which case get down to serious haggling.

The Ponda market is almost like a regular bazaar under the sky. You may love photographing the colorful fruits, vegetables and articles on display. A flea market it may be but here you get fresh and new goods too. How about going on to Mapusa? If it is Friday, you are sure to find the beach alive with hawkers selling anything and everything. A tourist in need of cash may sell off his camera, for instance and you could get it at a good price.

Goa Fish Market

Goa Fish Market

The Ingo flea market is more than a bazaar; it is a festival, a carnival and a fair all rolled into one. Make it a point to visit this market. Buy a trinket or do not buy anything but do sample some food, drinks and wander around.

If it is souvenirs you want, visit the Treasure, a storehouse of some beautiful vintage furniture. If you are lucky you could lay your hands on a beautiful last century chandelier or a carved chair or a bed. Glastonbury Street, on the other hand, is where you can buy stuff that has beads and mirrors and pick up a souvenir at a nice price. You may end up buying nothing more than a piece of local handicraft but what you will cherish is the experience that will linger long after your visit to Goa. Memories make some of the best souvenirs.

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