5 Unexplored Tourist Destinations in Uttarakhand

The north Indian state of Uttarakhand boasts of some really amazing natural vistas. The land has received the metaphor of ‘Dev Bhoomi’ [Land of Gods] on account of the numerous sacred Hindu shrines dotting the land. The paradisiacal natural beauty of Uttarakhand further makes one believe that this is indeed a land decked with care by the dotting Gods. If you wish to sneak a peek at the abundance of breathtaking natural beauty in this land of Gods, you must visit the top 5 unexplored tourist destinations or rather getaways of Uttarakhand mentioned below…


Askot is a scenic Himalayan town with Panchuli and Chiplakot peaks at its backdrop. It falls in Uttarakhand’s Pitthoragarh district and at an altitude of some 3629 ft above sea level. This town was once upon a time ruled by many princely dynasties which left the state replete with many ancient and historical relics. Today Askot contributes hugely to the Tourism in Uttarakhand. Tourists throng in large numbers at Askot in order to visit its famed Musk Deer sanctuary and enjoy skiing at its world-class skiing ranges.


This picture-perfect hill station of Kumaon region falls in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district. The virgin beauty of Chaukori is marked by dense forests and sun-kissed lofty Himalayan peaks. Passionate nature lovers, holiday makers and photo fanatics make their way to this dreamy hamlet to take in the beauty of its rolling vales and verdant green tea estates.

Khati Village

khati village uttarakhand

Khati village situated in Kapkot of Uttarakhand’s Bageshwar district is a picturesque hill village striking one with its captivating charm. Khati village is quite popular in the tourist circuit and its popularity results from the fact that it is the last of human s falling on the Pindari glacier trek route. Beyond its periphery you could come across only trekkers and mountaineers. The scenic beauty of Khati village is gifted with a vast array of fauna and flora, snowy peaks, waterfalls and rivulets.



The sleepy scenic hill station of Gwaldam falls on the borderline between Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand. The beautiful vistas of distant white, shimmering Mountain ranges, pine studded landscapes, delectable apple orchards, terraced fields and paved winding pathways would indeed leave you intoxicated and mesmerized. This amazing quaint hamlet falls within Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district and is lodged at an elevation of 1700 meters above the sea level. The peaks of Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghuti and Trishul tower with all sublimity at the backdrop of this hamlet. Gwaldam is the base camp of the famed Roopkund trek. Once you are at Gwaldam, you would surely get to bask in the aura of its bewitchingly charming nature.


The beautiful hill station of Munsiyari cradled at an elevation of 2298 meters above the sea level would indeed throw you out of your senses with its gorgeous vistas of scenic beauteousness. The hill station is set along the river banks of Gauriganga and falls within Uttarakhand’s Pittoragarh district. The views of the snow-wrapped, sky-touching Panchachulli peaks at the backdrop of this hamlet would keep your camera busy all the time. This group of five peaks uniquely shaped like ‘chulla’ or oven greets the travelers with their magnificent, awe-inspiring looks. The meandering pathways lined with thickets of Rhododendrons, Deodar and Pine trees offer the most splendid and colorful sights. Munsiyari is now a bustling hub of passionate nature lovers, glacier and trekking enthusiasts who find the joy of their life amid the famous trekking trails of Munsiyari. Some of the most popular Munsiyari treks are Namik Glacier trek, Milam glacier trek, Khuliya top trek.