Jagannath Temple, Puri – Dedicated to Lord Jagannath

The Jagannath Temple is one of the most famous temples in India situated in Puri in Odisha state. This temple is mainly devoted to Jagannath, which means “Lord of Universe”. Jagannath is one of the Char Dhams of Hindu. Every Hindu is likely to come once here in a lifetime. The congregations of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna must come here. In the initial of the 11th century Jagannath temple Puri was built. Yearly Puri Rath Yatra held at Jagannath Temple is very famous all over the world; people come here on that occasion from various nations.


Jagannath Puri Temple, Orissa [Image Source]

Jagannath Puri Temple is also a part of famous Char Dham in Hindu religion including Badrinath Temple in north India, Rameswaram Temple in southern India, Puri Jagannath Temple in east India and Dwarka Temple in Western part of India. These Char Dham covers the whole India. Yatra (journey) of Char dham is starting from the eastern India that is Jagannath Puri Temple, and then going towards south after that west and finally in the north India in clockwise direction.

On a beautiful stage or platform called Ratnavedi, idols of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Deity Subhadra are kept. The Great Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu is also placed on this Ratnavedi.

The beautiful enormous temple spread in an area of about 37000 square metre bounded by a huge wall called Meghanada Pacheri. Kurma Bedha, another wall surrounded the main temple. In this huge campus around 120 temples are located. Jagannath temple designed beautifully with Oriya styled structural design. Wealthy sculptural architecture of this temple attracts the foreign tourists too much. The temple has four separate parts first one is Deula or Garba Griha, where all divinity placed. Second one is Mukhshala that is the front part of temple. Third one is Nata mandir that is spectator’s hall. Last one is Bhog Mandapa used for offerings.

According to a detection or discovery this temple is initially constructed by the king of Kalinga, Ashoka the Great. After that, in 1174 present temple was reconstructed by Ananga Bheem(Ruler of Orrisa at that time). There are various small shrines and temples are present in the enormous corridor of the temple, including the idol of Shree Ram & Pavan Putra Hanuman, deity of Maa Saraswati. The temple of Ganesh, Idol of Surya & Narsimha and Mahalaxmi Temple are also found in Jagannath Puri Temple.

The jagannath temple is wavy shaped with a crown on the pinnacle called Srichakra or Nilachakra. Among the four gates of the Jagannath temple Puri. The Singhadwara is the main entrance. Other entrances are Hatthidwara, Vyaghradwara and Ashwadwara. An icon of Jagannath also called Patitapavana.

Plating and distribution of Prasad (Offerings) are made six times in a day. First one in the early morning called Gopal Bhog, second one is at 10:00am called Sakala Dhup, after that third one is Bada Sankhudi Bhog at approx 12:00 pm. In the peak afternoon Madhyan dhoop is offered, evening bhog called Sandhya dhoop is offered at 08:00pm and finally the last one called Bada Simhara Bhog at night.

How to Reach
By Air nearest airport from Puri is Bhubaneswar, which is just 60km, from there lots of taxis and buses are available.

By Train, Puri is a railway junction; So many trains are available from the main cities of India. It is also well-connected by road, in local many rickshaws, taxis are available for city journey.


Attraction of India You Must Visit

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Attraction of India

Mainly India is known for its various temples as it is home of number of religions places where one can come and visit the temples, church and its religious aspects. Meanwhile visiting these places you can enjoy the vibrant and colorful festival such as Holi, Vaisakhi, Diwali, Dussehra Janmashtami, and explore its unending sweetness and enjoyment. After visiting different places of India one can really cherish and enjoy the lovely places of this country. In India every festival is celebrated with great joy and fervor if one will move around the places.

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Panch Badri Yatra Circuit in Uttarakhand


Lord Vishnu is the protector and preserver of the world. Whenever the world is threatened he descends as an avatar. Revered by Vaishnavites, Lord Vishnu gives Darshan at many places, chief among which are the Panch Badri in Uttarakhand. The holy pilgrimage to Panch Badri starts at Badrinath and then devotees go on to Bhavishya Badri, Yogdhyan Badri, Vriddha Badri and Adi Badri.


Badrinath Ji Darshan

As one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in that it is part of the major Chardham Yatra and also the Chota Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand, Badrinath is shadowed by the Nar and Narayana mountain ranges with the Nilkantha on one side. Badrinath is located in the Garhwal mountain range at a height of 3133 metres. Kind Pururava is said to have built the original temple but it was Adi Shankaracharya who discovered it and made it a site of pilgrimage. The Alaknanda River flows by the side of the temple, also known as Vishal Badri. This picturesque site is located in Chamoli District and pilgrims first take a dip in the holy Tapt Kund before proceeding for Darshan. It is believed Lord Vishnu meditated for Millennia and, to shield him, Laxmi, his consort, assumed the form of a Badri tree. The temple opens in May and closes around November.

Bhavishya Badri


It was foretold aeons ago that Badrinath would submerge and, therefore, a new Badri, known as Bhavishya Badri came into being in the forests around Tapovan. Located at height of 2744 metres, Bhavishya Badri is reached through an arduous climb on a steep track and devotees can adore the Lord in the form of Narsimha. The route takes you by the banks of the Dhauliganga and one comes across minor hot water springs.

Yogdhyan Badri


Yogdhyan Badri is at a height of 1920 metres at Pandukeshwar. This historic site is where the Pandavas, after the Mahabharata battle, handed over the reigns of their kingdom to their heir Parikshit and set out on a pilgrimage. It is here that their ancestor, Pandu, meditated on the Lord to have a curse removed. Lord Vishnu is depicted in Yogdhyan Badri in a meditative pose whence the name.

Vriddha Badri


Located at height of 1380 metres in Animath, Vriddha Badri is accessible throughout the year. Vriddha Badri does not have the profound significance of Badrinath but it is of no less importance for devotees. According to legend, Vriddha Badri was the original site of the idol presently residing in Badrinath. Lord Vishnu, at the onset of Kalyug, left this place and went on to Badrinath where Adi Shankaracharya discovered the idol at Narad Kund. The temple can be reached only after climbing steep stairs for about 10 minutes. Animath is about 7 km from Joshimath. One myth states that Narada was undergoing penance when Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of an old man or a Vriddha and blessed him.

Adi Badri


Travel towards Ranikhet and you will come across Adi Badri, a group of 16 temples located close to Karnaprayag. The temple here is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his Narayana form. The temples date back to the Gupta period.

For the Panch Badri Yatra in Uttarakhand it is best to join a guided tour that starts either at Delhi or Rishikesh. The Yatra may take about 10 days and will take you from Rishikesh to Rudraprayag, Pipalkoti, Vishnuprayag, Badrinath, Pandukeshwar, Yogdhyan Badri, Joshimath, Bhavishya Badri, Vriddha Badri, Adi Badri and Gauchar before going on to Srinagar, the closest city to Adi Badri. One can always retrace the route and branch off to visit other places of interest.