Is Ganga Dussehra Promoting Sins or the Ultimate way to Eradicate Sins?

Spiritual India is the beam of religious integrity, utmost devotion, and the silent exhibitionist of the time-honored traditions. The geography is diverse enough to earn an identity of a sub-continent that accommodates people from all faiths and believes. This makes India a terrain of myriad festivals, colorful fairs, and ultimately a grand carnival that has no end.


Every month is celebrated for assorted reasons and it just seems like Indians need a spiritual motivation to celebrate with great pomp. The month of June gets a colorful touch every year after the first drops of monsoon to celebrate the much anticipated festival of Ganga Dussehra.

Ganga Dussehra 2017

The ten-day festival is a fascinating celebration of beliefs, devotions, and is dedicated to the Goddess Ganga of Gangotri Dham.

This year the sacred festival will commence from the 3rd of June and will come to an end on the 12th of June. However the main festival will be celebrated on the 12th of June to eradicate the sins of lifetime.

Ganga Dussehra Importance

The festival has high importance according to the Hindu scriptures and Mythology.

The sacred texts says that it’s essential to perform a dip in the river Ganga, and do donations to eliminate all the sins committed over several lifetimes. The major attractions of Ganga Dussehra are the fairs of Chardham and the Patang Utsav of Mathura.

Rationalists versus Spiritualists

Rationalists say is it possible that a bath in water can wash our sins though it can wash the germs of our body but not sins. Sins are bad karma and we have to face our fate for the bad karmas performed.

Spiritualists say that the Vedic Science that is the base of all modern science states the importance of holy river Ganga. The ancient scriptures have declared that Goddess Ganga started her journey on earth to eradicate the sins of every mortal.

Rationalist’s points out that it means that Ganga Dussehra or Chardham yatra is a license to humans to commit sins and wash way by taking bath in the river Ganga. In simple the festival is a promoter of sins like let us commit bad karma we can wash it way next year.

Spiritualists say this gives a new birth to all souls makes it pure and gives it the direction of bliss to attain salvation.

I on a neutral ground would say both are right on their grounds so let the world run the way it is running.

How to Reach Chardham, Haridwar

Contact any travel operator to make your itinerary for the spiritual sojourn

People can hire private vehicle, bus services or railway services to reach the abode of Gods

Religious enthusiasts who cannot walk but has a desire to embark on the journey to the gateway of heaven must opt for Chardham Yatra by helicopter.

Ganga Dussehra a religious proceeding to wash way sins or a license to commit free sins?


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