Brihadeeswarar Temple World Heritage Site in Tamil Nadu

Tanjore and Thanjavur is a famous for its rice growth ability because of that this district is also known as “Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu”, and is also home for many historical temples featuring architectural beauty. Brihadeeswarar temple is one of them, witnessing the glorious reign of Chola Empire. This temple is included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. This temple was built by King Rajaraja Chola of Chola Empire, in 11th Century.

Brihadeeswara Temple

Brihadeeswara Temple

This temple is a greatest architectural achievement of Chola Era. This temple is the first building which is made with the granite and completed within just 5 years. This temple features big Nandi weighing 20 tone which is made with a single stone. This beautiful temple is dedicated to lord Shiva features the lingam of 3.7m in height. This temple is also well known as the largest temple amongst all Hindu temples in India. It said that this temple gives employment to 1000 workers and 400 dances, including staff of temple.

The Kumbam which was placed on the top of the temple never casts shadow on the ground. It is also believed that the Kumbam is weighing 60 ton and was carved with a single rock of granite. The building of this temple has a compound which is made with the walls measuring 270 X 140 Meter. This temple also features murals depicting various Mudras (actions) performed by lord Shiva. Temple also portray the various mythological episodes of the journey of Saint Sundarar and the Chera King, there is also some battle scenes are depicted of Tripurantaka (Lord Siva) with Asuras (demons). The Chola artists also portrays the beauty, even the Asura womens has sense of beauty.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit this temple at any time of the year, but keeping in mind the weather condition in Tamil Nadu October to March is the best time. In this period of time the temperature over here is relatively low and which can make you trip enjoyable. During the month of June to September the climate changes drastically and become very humid which cannot suits many tourists.

How to Reach

Tanjavur is well connected with the narrow gauge railway line, which offers trains from most pars of the country, you can get direct trains from Allahabad, Madurai, Ernakulam, Coimbatore, Mysore and Jabalpur.

The closest airport from Thanjavur is in Tiruchirappalli, this is an international airport.


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