Top Things to do in the city of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the most thickly populated and bustling cities of Gujarat. It is also one of the most growing cities in the whole of India. As an industrial hub and business center, Ahmedabad enjoys good reputation countrywide. An architectural marvel, rich history, great street food and bustling bazaars all combine to make Ahmedabad the most fascinating destination for a passionate traveler. When you get an opportunity to set out for Ahmedabad Sightseeing  Tour you’ll, in fact, be simply spoilt for choice with so much to do and see in and around Ahmedabad city. Here are some of the options you have…read on…

Soak in the Tranquility at the Famed Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad

[Sabarmati Ashram]

According to the history of the Indian independence struggle, the Sabarmati ashram had been Gandhi ji’s operational headquarters from the year 1917 to the year 1930. Today Sabarmati ashram has been converted to a museum that showcases one of the most engaging records of Gandhi ji’s life, his philosophy and his activities pertaining to the Indian struggle for freedom.

Set out on a Memorable Heritage Walk

The heritage walk organized by the municipal corporation of Ahmedabad takes you on the trails of the older city and many unique experiences across the older Ahmadabad introduces you to the true essence of the city. The heritage walk starts from Kalupur Swaminarayan temple at about 8.00am and ends at about 10.30am at the Jama mashed. During this heritage walk, you get to walk through nearly 600 typical Ahmedabad pols or neighborhoods.

Learn About new Textiles at the Calico Textile Museum

The Calico Museum of textiles takes you on a journey of the past eras when some really unique textile materials were produced and worn in the country. Some of the textiles as exhibited at the museum are as old as 500 years. Rich craftsmanship, religious artwork, and many other such unique textile crafts are presented to the visitors at the Calico textile museum. You get two tours; morning and afternoon tour to explore the museum.

Go on an Interesting Tour of the Ahmedabad science city

Ahmedabad science city was set up in the year 1960 to showcase the advancement in the field of science and technology. The key features and attributes of this science city are the amphitheater, IMAX 3D Theatre, exhibition hall, thrill rides. Energy education park, Hall of space, Life sciences Park, Hall of Science is the chief attractions of this science city.

Marvel at the Beauty of Kankaria Lake at the Evening

Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad

[Kankaria Lake]

This large pellucid lake dates back to the 15th century and was built by Sultan Kutubuddin. Towards the evening the lakeside is decked up with a multitude of colorful, shimmering lights which enhance the beauty of the lake a tenfold. Visitors to the Kankaria Lake can amuse themselves in several ways such as taking a toy train ride around the lake, taking water rides or balloon rides or going for a stroll in the most picturesque garden that surrounds the lake.

Eat out at Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad

[Manek Chowk]

Manek Chowk is known for its huge conglomeration of street food stalls that remain open until quite late into the night. A vast array of mouthwatering delicacies, especially street foods available at Manek Chowk will definitely satiate your midnight hunger pangs. Some of the best Gujarati snacks and chutneys, sandwiches, desserts and ice creams are sold most generously by the vendors at Manek Chowk. So, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to eat out in the midst of the night.

Pick the Best Leisure Experience at Shanku’s Water Park

If you wish to take a break from the chaos of city life, Shanku’s water park covering an area of about 75 acres and more and situated amid the verdant green natural beauty can be the perfect retreat for you. Best water sports and rides, the most luxurious spa experiences, the best eating experiences available at Shanku’s water park can make your weekend special indeed.

Experience the most outstanding visual treat at the Vintage Car Museum

If you are a car connoisseur then this exquisite museum with several vintage cars in the display will surely entice you and enthrall you. The Auto World Museum of Ahmedabad is one of its kinds in the whole of the country and the world. The oldest of vintage cars, as well as vintage motorcycles, are exhibited at the museum letting you pick one of the most interesting experiences of your life.


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