Chardham Yatra by Helicopter – Helipad Service from Sahastradhara in Dehradun

Chardham Yatra By Helicopter

Are you on the lookout for helicopter services to Char Dham? Well, look no further! Read along to find out why our customized Helicopter services to Char Dham remain highly recommended among experienced pilgrims. Who knows after your tryst with us, it could be your recommendation that adds a feather to further our glory in the next pilgrim season.

Helicopter services to Char Dham were initiated to make Char Dham Yatra easier and convenient for those who could afford to pay for the services. This has made Char Dham Yatra especially easier for senior citizens since the perilous treks might take its toll on their aging bodies. This largely reduces the time-interval requisite for finishing the travel. Well, reduced travel time, comfort, safety, and convenience are the hallmarks of helicopter services to Char Dham Yatra.

Let us now briefly elucidate the different packages we have planned to cover Char Dham Yatra, in part or whole. For those who wish to just visit Kedarnath, and Badrinath, alone or together, we have three packages.

Helicopter Packages for Single or Two Destinations (Ek Dham or Do Dham)

Helicopter services for Kedarnath would cost around 65,000 Rs and consists of a single day itinerary.

Badrinath Helicopter services cost merely 70,000 Rs while a 95,000 Rs per person package exists for a single day itinerary attempting to cover both Badrinath and Kedarnath in a day.

All the three itineraries begin with an early helicopter service from Sahastradhara helipad; Dehradun at 6.00am and ends by the afternoon in the same site. Our expert Pilot and ground staff would brief you very clearly before the journey begins with all the necessitate travel guidelines enabling you to undertake the holy journey absolutely carefree. Also, our warm staff would avail their hospitality at every juncture and make you feel at home even while you are traversing perilous peaks by air.

Char Dham Helicopter Services for the Entire Trip

A short itinerary for 2 days and 1 night exist that cover all the Char Dham holy shrines under 1,35,000 Rs per person by Helicopter. Also, a longer one exists that enables one to savor the journey and revel in the inspired majesty and sublime of each of its sacred sanctum. The greatest gift of the longer itinerary of Helicopter package to Char Dham costing 1,65,000 Rs per person awaits you on its last day. For those who wish to, since we have arranged accommodation quite near the Badrinath temple, there is provision to participate in the morning aarti at Badrinath- a divine encounter with the Lord as He wakes at 4.30 am in the early morning is sure to leave its marks in your mind forever.

Is it not wonderful to bear in mind that the Helicopter Services to Char Dham packages include the Helicopter round trip, your VIP passes at each shrine, the accommodation, and food charges at highly recommended hotels, taxes and miscellaneous travel costs by palki, or car, wheresoever applicable? In addition, you will find our staff at your beck and call to ease out any issue that might arise. Let us just say we do not like our customers fretting over anything while their minds and hearts aspire to perch on the Divine alone. Leave the earthly and mundane affairs to us while you enjoy Helicopter services to Char Dham!

Please browse along to find our detailed itinerary of Char Dham by Helicopter packages. We would be happy to clarify any of your further inquiries. Drop in your inquiry and one our Char Dham Yatra experts would be happy to assist you.


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