Top 10 Places for Adventure in India

Adventure in India

A taste of thrill here, a dash of an adrenaline rush there. This is how we can define India when we talk about adventure destinations here.

Blessed with lot many geographic features, India have numerous adventure opportunities to offer to its visitors. Enthusiasts who love water sports, hiking, trekking etc can satisfy quench their adventure thirst in India at various places. This is because the mountains in North India provide a challenging terrain for biking, trekking hiking, mountain climbing etc; there are places like Rishikesh which are good for paragliding, river rafting; Lakshadweep islands provide the best of scuba diving experience. Here we have brought to you ten such adventure destinations for holiday in India which are worth a visit.

Jammu and Kashmir: Embracing Himalayas as their crown proudly, this northern state in India is famous for its exhilarating skiing, hiking and mountain climbing experience. Also golfing at various golf courses her will be a delight especially at Gulmarg which is the world’s highest golf course. Mountain biking in Ladakh is another exciting adventure activity.

Goa: Goa is the beach beauty of India and this is why it is famous for water sports like jet skiing, sailing on a speedboat, riding high on the waves while surfing etc. Underwater sports- scuba diving, marine walk and snorkeling are also enjoyed in Goa.

Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand has a very challenging terrain for adventure lovers who like to live life on the edge! Hiking and trekking in the Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayan regions, river rafting and flying fox in Rishikesh, Gangotri & Gaumukh Yatra Trek, Corbett safari, all are equally attractive for adventure lovers.

Sikkim: This is a north-eastern state in India which boasts of eye-pleasing natural beauty. Along with being picturesque, there are many stimulating treks like Mt. Kanchenjunga trek and a shorter Yuksom trek. Winning over the rocky routes while riding a bicycle is another adventure sport that one can pursue.

Rajasthan: Sandy and the rocky state of Rajasthan is famous for a different kind of heart-pumping adventure because of its distinct geography. Camping, camel safari tours through the expansive sand dunes of Jaisalmer floating in the air in a hot air balloon are all typical adventure sports in Rajasthan.

Kerala: Lying at the southern tip of India, this state is popular among the adventure folks for its wildlife treks. Periyar wildlife sanctuary and Kothamangalam are some wildlife trekking areas here. Excursing the greenery of Kerala from the skies while paragliding is another popular sport. Apart from this, there is rafting with a twist i.e. bamboo rafting.

Maharashtra: Yacht sailing in Mumbai is one of the most thrilling adventures sports in the country. A speeding yacht when cuts through the water and air, provides an adrenaline boost! Other sports that Maharashtra has to offer are paragliding, kayaking, river rafting etc.

Lakshadweep: This island group on the eastern side of India is a hotspot for over and underwater sports both. Kayaking is a popular sport to pursue in the vicinal waters of Lakshadweep islands. Also exploring the aquatic life and shipwrecks underwater through scuba diving and marine walks is something that people will simply love.

Gujarat (Rann of Kutch): The never-ending white sands of Rann of Kutch in Gujarat are perfect for a motorcycle excursion! Steering to the land that stretches miles and miles away will be one of its kind experiences.

Andaman & Nicobar: Surrounded by deep blue waters on all sides, this island group is sure to leave its guests spellbound with its adventure explorations, be it scuba diving, snorkeling, underwater walks, surfing etc.


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