Tourist Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore has been the center of international tourism since time immemorial. This is because of the fact that Singapore offers its visitors the unique opportunity to explore its various, unique avenues. Home to a plethora of relaxing opportunities and a number of places to see, Singapore never fails to disappoint is visitors. A Travel Package to Singapore will earn you the incredible scope to go through some of the most popular landmarks and indulge yourself in an authentic Singapore experience.

01. Underwater World
Underwater World

Underwater World is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Sentosa Island. It is one stop destination where tourists can never hide their excitement and enjoy hours and hours of fun viewing the rich marine life and creatures floating just above your head.

Singapore Underwater World is one of its kinds of tourists attraction Asia where 2500 marine life of 250 varied species are showcase for visual extravaganza for tourists and visitors to let them know about the marine life. Today this amusing water world is visited by millions of tourists from across the world to see the astonishing Marine species among which the most significant is the shark. Truly the visit to this underwater will take your breath away and offer you excellent experience that you will remember for your lifelong.

Underwater World Singapore is truly one of the most entertaining tourist attractions as tourist visiting to this spot can enjoy various activities that are organized by the management team. Some of the different programs that are conducted here are Fish Reflexology for Feet; Meet the Dolphin, Dive with the Sharks, Dinner with the Sharks, swim with the Dolphin and Dolphin Show. So visit this Underwater World in Singapore pamper yourself with the popular Swim with the Dolphin program and add remarkable memories to your Singapore tour.

02. Thian Hock Keng Temple
Thian Hock Keng Temple

Thian Hock Keng Temple is one of the oldest Chinese temples built with authentic Chinese temple architecture traditions in Singapore. Recognized at the national monument on 28 June, 1973 this revered and grandeur temple is built with great skilled craftsmen that catch the attention of tourist and travellers from far and wide.

The elegant temple with intricate carving was built by the Chinese local leaders, Tan Tock Seng and Si Hoo Keh, with the purpose for a place to worship goddess Matsu (Ma Cho Po) as well as meeting place for other Chinese people of Hokkien clan.

Today this temple is one of the finest one and is considered to be the biggest Chinese temple in Singapore. Truly Thian hock keng temple is a splendor in itself and is one of the prime tourist spot to visit during Singapore Tours.

03. Kusu Island
Kusu Island

Kusu Island which also means “Tortoise Island” is located 5.6 kilometers of the main island of Singapore. This picturesque island have myth related to it and both the Chinese and Malaya legends portray that the giant tortoise turned itself the hard rock to save the Malaya and the Chinese sailors.

Today this picturesque tourist spot with pristine beaches, rich customs and splendid natural beauty draw the tourist attention from all over the world. Apart from that the interesting history, the giant turtle sculpture on the island the Chinese and the Malaysia temple make this destination an important tourist spot in Singapore. The annual festival is held on the island to commemorate the sacrifice of the Giant Turtle, which also invites tourists from all over Singapore and abroad.

So enjoy moments of sheer happiness and joy, exploring the splendid charm and beauty of the tourist’s attraction with moments of sheer ecstasy and joy.

04. Macritchie, Pierce & Seletar Reservoir
MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Encircled by the broad swamps, emerald greenery and the exotic jungles, Macritchie Pierce Seletar Reservoir is the perfect place for family outing. The place is haven for those who want to experience the tranquillity and want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

On your tour to Macritchie Pierce Seletar Reservoir tourist have wonderful opportunity to enjoy recreational activities like fishing, paddle boating, golf, jogging, exercise and various other options to enjoy leisure time with fun. On most Sundays school local bands put up performance as well as soothing orchestras play are organised at this park to entertain the visitors at Mac Ritchie.

Well whatever be, this is the perfect place to be with the nature and more of all the most interesting part of this park is TreeTop Walk, which is not just going to leave you breathless but also offer magnetizing view of the surrounding that is simply beyond imagination. So never miss to visit this reservoir or you will miss lots of entertainment and fun.

05. Maghain Aboth Synagogue
Maghain Aboth Synagogue

Situated at the Waterloo Street near Bras Basah Road and Bencoolen Street, Maghain Aboth Synagogue is one of the oldest Jewish synagogues in Southeast Asia, Singapore. Very few know the fact that very few populations of Jews reside in Singapore in the Maghain Aboth Synagogue, the centre where even today Jewish festivals are celebrated in a grand way.

The two storey neoclassical building was sanctified in 1878. In the year 1841 colonial government granted a land on lease to the Jewish Community to build Synagogue and the task was handed over to Joseph Dweck Cohen, Ezra Ezekiel and Nassim Joseph Ezra. The splendid design with traditional columns, rustic walls, high triple celling, U-Shaped balcony for women and the prayer hall facing the Jerusalem have added beauty and charm that enjoy the respect and high appreciation even today. The building is very popular in Singapore and is visited by tourists and local Singaporeans all the year round.

Come and visit this Synagogue and get to learn more about the Jewish Culture and traditions.

07. Pulau Ubin
Pulau Ubin

Situated in the northeastern territories of Singapore, Pulau Ubin is a nature blessed village with a great mythological background. Today it is a popular island destination in Singapore that draws the attention of thousands and thousands of tourists from across the globe. From the picturesque trekking trails to the scenic beaches, flourishing mango-grooves, this tiny Island have something for everyone to delight.

Visit to Pulau Ubin give visitors an opportunity to see the real image of transformation from rural village to the Urbanized and modern-day city. This picturesque island destination will gives you priceless memories to cherish for lifetime and add remarkable experience to your Singapore tour.

Tourist Attractions in Pulau Ubin

  • Chek Jawa
  • Observation Deck
  • Camp Sites
  • Swamps
  • Museum
  • Ma Chor Chinese Temple
  • Tanjong Chek Jawa (Natural Beach)

Also visit to Balai Quarry and the Pulau Ubin Recreation Centre and enjoy leisure time doing fishing, cycling, leisure walk, trekking and various other activities. These places the must visit for tourists who come for a tour to this picturesque Pulau Ubin in Singapore.

08. Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is the iconic tourism attraction of tourists and beach lovers. It is the Singapore Playground where fun and entertainment never comes to an end and offer tourists wonderful opportunity to adorn the tours with memorable experiences.

Sentosa Island Tour offer to soak in the splendor of the sun, explore the exciting blend of the leisure and recreational activities as well as opportunity to see some of the amusing tourist attraction in Singapore. Apart from recreational activities, tourists also have wide options to visit some of the amazing tourist attractions that are highlighted below.

  • Sentosa Luge and Sky Ride
  • Sentosa 4D Magix
  • Underwater World Singapore and Dolphin Lagoon
  • Song of the Sea
  • MegaZip Adventure Park
  • Mount Fable Castle Car
  • Insect Kingdom
  • Fort Siloso
  • Butterfly Park

These attractions add more charm and beauty of Sentosa that draws the attention of thousands and thousands of tourists from every corner of the globe. Today this interesting sightseeing place is an iconic attraction of the versatile Singapore packages.

09. Saint John’s Island
Saint Johns Island

St. Johns Island is a picturesque Island destination located just 6.5 kms away from Singapore. Formally known by the name Pulau Sekijang Bendera, this picturesque Island destination is the ideal gateway for those who want to break from the routine life and hustle and bustle of the city life.

St. Johns Island is the perfect weekend getaway that offers wonderful opportunity to enjoy vacation with unique and ultimate experience. The stunning beaches, green lagoons, picturesque vistas and the options for adventurous activities like hiking, swimming, fishing and trekking make St. John the popular tourist spot in Singapore.

On tour to St Johns Island you have lots of wonderful opportunity to enjoy and explore. The sapphire island with glistening water, green hills and the heavenly ambiance will leave you breathless. Enjoy leisure day tour or take pleasure in the various fun-filled activities, this scenic and serene Island is sure to adorn your holidays with beautiful memories.

So welcome to St. John Island in Singapore and enjoy the most cherished holidays of lifetime. The breathtaking beauty of this island is sure to engulf your heart with beautiful memories and leave you spellbound.


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